Title: An Instructional Design Model for Designing and Producing Online Virtual Labs for Educational Technology Students

Year of Publication: March - 2014
Page Numbers: 191-205
Authors: Mohamed Elsayed Ahmed, Shinobu Hasegawa
Conference Name: The Third International Conference on E-Learning and E-Technologies in Education (ICEEE2014)
- Malaysia


The purpose of this work is to present a general instructional design model for helping educational technology students in designing and producing online virtual labs in any types of domain and course. We have made analyses of previous instructional design models and related studies in regard to the virtual labs to specify diverse features for the proposed model. It was found that the online virtual labs have no conventional instructional design model especially for designing and producing stages and also no static shape and components regarding. Based on these results, we have reached to a new suggestion model for instructional design which guides the students in developing next learning environment with technology how to design and produce such online virtual labs as a new tool in improving learning in future schools and universities. In addition, we have proposed a list of criteria for designing and producing the online virtual labs. These criteria would help the students learn our model concretely.