Title: An Efficient Cloud-based Network Data Access Using CP-ABE Encryption Method

Year of Publication: Aug - 2019
Page Numbers: 27-34
Authors: Maryam Safarian Nejad, Mohammad V. Malakooti, Navid Hashemi Taba
Conference Name: The 8th International Conference on Informatics and Applications (ICIA2019)
- Japan


The Cloud computing has facilities that allow users to share their data, storage units, and even resources. It has many advantages such as high scalability and availability with affordable price because the users can be accessed to the remote resources and lower the organization costs for servers, storage units, and other equipment. However, when data are transmitted from any networks to cloud computing these data no longer are under directed management and control of the owners and the cloud providers also have some type of access on the user’s data. The privacy reduction and security problems are fundamental issues in cloud computing. One way to protect our data during the transmission and the time in which data are stored in cloud storage units is to encrypt data before transmission. The method of Cipher Plain-Text - Attribute-Based Encryption (CPT-ABE) able to be utilized as the cryptographic tool for solving the problems. Also, the users can decrypt their data when they have pleased, but yet the access control policy attributes created. Same attributebased encryption is CP-ABE, where the policies are related to data which is encrypted, when attributes are related to keys. Now, we utilize the Cipher-text Policy ABE for controlling access to the data of cloud based on the credentials/attributes of owner. The article indicates cloud-based network data access utilization based on Cipher-text Policy ABE, in order to analyze for exploring the method efficiency to use in networks based on the cloud. Moreover, for analyzing set of attributes for improving access control schema performance.