Title: An Approach to the Wireless Sensor Network Design for Stored Food Robust Monitoring

Year of Publication: Dec - 2014
Page Numbers: 148-153
Authors: Juan V. Capella, Alberto Bonastre, Rafael Ors, Susana Rubio-Arraez, Marisa L. Castelló
Conference Name: The International Conference on Computer Science, Computer Engineering, and Social Media (CSCESM2014)
- Greece


New applications of WSN as advanced monitoring of stored food to ensure their optimum state for human consumption require providing reliability. This paper presents an approach for designing WSN for its application in remote and robust monitoring of stored marmalades, which are of particular interest at present, considering the food regulations. Nowadays, owing to the current lifestyle of society, there is an increasing demand for healthy food products such as fruits. However, these products are highly perishable with the consequent problems of distribution and shelf life. As an alternative, processing makes it possible to extend their marketability, whilst maintaining some of the characteristics of the fresh products to a certain extent. In this regard, marmalades are a typical example of more stable fruit-derived products, but it’s necessary to monitor in a robust way several parameters during the elaboration and storage in food factory to ensure optimum condition for human consumption.