Title: An Approach Based on Data Mining to Support Management in E-Commerce

Year of Publication: March - 2015
Page Numbers: 84-88
Authors: Vitor Campos, Carlos Bueno, Jacques Brancher, Fabio Matsunaga, Rafael Negrao
Conference Name: The Third International Conference on E-Technologies and Business on the Web (EBW2015)
- France


The ability of managers to analyze large volumes of data is not enough to identify all relevant associations and necessary for the decision-making process. Make use of a classification model can generate information that typically a manager could not create without the utilization of this technology. The aim of this work is to reach a classification model, based on data from purchases made by customers through electronic media in an automated manner. Precisely this model presents a set of rules to assist in decision-making applicable to a sale of vehicles, parts and accessories. For the construction of this model, we applied a process of knowledge discovery in databases, in which classification techniques was evaluated in an experiment regarding accuracy, interpretability and learned model to the computing performance. Data mining has been used to find this classifier.