Title: Agile Methods for Software Engineering Students Project: A Proposed Hybrid Methodology

Year of Publication: 2015
Page Numbers: 63-69
Authors: Abdulwahab L, Abdalla A. Abdalla, Bashir S. Galadanci, Marshal Algudah and Murtala M
Conference Name: The Third International Conference on Digital Enterprise and Information Systems (DEIS2015)
- China


Agile methods’ principles and practices are nowadays becoming more and more useful in the software industry. For most software engineering students, traditional software development methods have been a core part of their development processes. Thus, both students at graduate and undergraduate levels may have limited exposure to the vital agile philosophy, its practical applications, principles and practices. In this paper, the researchers examine, in depth, the agile lifecycle through a real-time application of certain agile concepts and practices in a final software engineering project at Linton University College, Malaysia. A hybrid agile method was developed to describe the processes and applicable agile concepts and practices that could be potentially handy for software engineering students. Initial findings of this research showed that students could apply agile method practices successfully in implementing small and medium scale projects.