Title: Adaptive Video Watermarking Key Based on Multiband DWT & DCT & SVD

Year of Publication: Nov - 2014
Page Numbers: 28-37
Authors: Hoda Farag Ibrahim, Farag and Said E. El-Khamy
Conference Name: The International Conference on Computer Graphics, Multimedia and Image Processing (CGMIP2014)
- Malaysia


In The paper we present novel robust video watermarking technique based on the Discrete Wavelet Transform, the Discrete Cosine Transform and singular value decomposition combining these transforms to improve the performance of the watermarking algorithm. Embedding the watermark in the detail suband of 3-level DWT choosing different subband level( 1 or 2 or 3) in each frame according to the embedding Key where high frequency transformed coefficients of each block are selected for further processing then 8*8 block based DCT transform is performed on the specified subband level then applying SVD embedding the watermark bits repeating the process for 8 successive frames of the video , the proposed algorithm is tested using number of video files and the Peak signal to noise ratio is high which declare that the algorithm is imperceptible and also tested against the attacks like the Gaussian Noise, Salt & pepper noise which proves the effectiveness of this algorithm.