Title: AAICS: Aesthetics-Driven Automatic Image Cropping and Scaling

Year of Publication: Sep - 2016
Page Numbers: 8-17
Authors: Md Baharul Islam, Chen Tet Khuan, Muhammad Ehsan Rana and Md Kabirul Islam
Conference Name: The International Conference on Data Mining, Multimedia, Image Processing and their Applications (ICDMMIPA2016)
- Malaysia


Due to the availability of digital camera and smart phones, everyone is a casual photographer. Anyway, the quality of captured photos is questionable due to the lack of photographic composition knowledge. Professional photographer utilizes this composition knowledge during their photography whereas casual photographer does not. In this paper, we propose aesthetics-driven automatic image cropping and scaling (AAICS) approach that enables to recompose our regular photographs based on the pre-defined composition rules/guidelines, e.g. rule of thirds and visual balance. Firstly, our method finds the significant map of the given image using saliency detection technique. Then, our system search a cropping window on the significant map based on selected photographic composition rules whose aspect ratio is identical to the given image. Finally, cropping window rescales to get the enhanced image. Our method helps the casual photographer to recompose their poorly captured photos to enhance its composition. Experimental results show the effectiveness of our proposed method.