Title: A Study on Motion-Based UI for Running Games with Kinect

Year of Publication: Feb - 2015
Page Numbers: 158-162
Authors: Jimin Kim, Pyeong Oh, Hanho Lee, Sun-Jeong Kim
Conference Name: The Second International Conference on Electrical, Electronics, Computer Engineering and their Applications (EECEA2015)
- Philippines


This study examines the efficiency of human motion-based UI for video games with motion capture system, Kinect. We took an investigation to play with the Kinect sensor in the running game which was developed and designed using two kinds of UI. One UI consists of more intuitive and familiar motions such as turning and jumping. The other UI consists of arm motions like raising hands. As a result, UI with arm motions was easier for users to master and results in higher success rates to play than the other UI. Therefore we can conclude when a game is developed using Kinect and its UI is configured with motion recognition, the motion with the arms rather than the other parts of the body helps player better to enhance the play skills and immerse in the game.