Title: A Study of Diversity Combining Methods for Wireless Image Transmission System

Year of Publication: March - 2014
Page Numbers: 86-92
Authors: Li-Der Jeng, Yuan-Hsiang Chang, Shih-Wei Chen
Conference Name: The Fourth International Conference on Digital Information Processing and Communications (ICDIPC2014)
- Malaysia


In this paper, we propose a wireless image transmission system under partial band noise jamming (PBNJ). To increase the transmission efficiency, we adopt the compressed image to our system. In order to resist the interference for the transmission, we used frequency-hopping system (FH) to transmit data and combined it with Reed-Solomon code (RS Code) and unequal error protection (UEP) to enhance the data protection. Integrating diversity combining technique with compressed image, it is effective to reduce distortion of the received data. We consider three compression algorithms with different diversity combiners under additive white Gaussian noise (AWGN) and PBNJ. Simulation results showed the system enhances the performance with diversity combining techniques.