Title: A STEM Education Method Utilizing 3DCG Software "Blender"

Year of Publication: Dec - 2020
Page Numbers: 38-43
Authors: Tetsuo Hattori, Rikiya Masuda, Toshihiro Hayashi, Yoshiro Imai, Yoshio Moritoh, Yusuke Kawakami, Takeshi Tanaka
Conference Name: The Sixth International Conference on Electronics and Software Science (ICESS2020)
- Japan


This paper proposes a two-sided method for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education, based on the display of virtual simulation and real experiments utilizing free 3DCG (Three-Dimensional Computer Graphics) modeling design software such as "Blender", and 3D printer. We consider that Blender is very useful not only as a simulation visualization tool, but also a modeling design one that we need in real experimentation. This paper also presents two examples of the visualization of simulations for physics and computer algorithm education, in which one simulates for Faraday’s world’s first motor and another for well-known "Tower of Hanoi". The problem of "Tower of Hanoi" and it’s solution program is one of the best examples to understand the notion of recursive procedure in programming. We consider that the utilization of Blender will be very effective for the proposed two-sided method of STEM education.