Title: A Scheme to Carry out Questionnaire in order to Evaluate Product Design and its Level of Excellence

Year of Publication: Aug - 2019
Page Numbers: 32-39
Authors: Masatoshi IMAI, Katsunori SHIMOHARA, Yoshiro IMAI, Tetsuo HATTORI
Conference Name: The Fifth International Conference on Electronics and Software Science (ICESS2019)
- Japan


Design is very important for specification of products and its education will be essential not only for artistic course but also for other productive (or creative) courses in higher educational institutions. Design education usually needs how to distinguish one specific target as being different from other alittle-bit-similar ones concerning the focused reason(s), for example, regarding some aspects, or based on sense of value. It is sometimes very difficult to explain, illustrate and demonstrate efficiently for students and learners with less experiences. In order to improve such situation for design education, the authors have developed Webbased questionnaire system to provide a suitable Web page and receive the answers from several users who play roles of examinee of questionnaire efficiently. The paper presents the system configuration of questionnaire system and its application to Design Education. With the system, design education and evaluation have been efficiently performed and effectively visualized.