Year of Publication: 2013
Page Numbers: 28-41
Authors: Irma Plata
Conference Name: The Second International Conference on e-Technologies and Networks for Development (ICeND2013)
- Malaysia


The aim of this study is to propose a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) for Isabela State University (ISU). The VLE was conceptualized based on the developed VLE approach model which originated from the Instructional Design ADDIE Model. In spite of problems related to management of ICT infrastructures, limited instructional materials, resistance to organizational change, issues on how to make course content more engaging, issues on effective learning pedagogy, and lack of skills and experience of instructors and students in virtual learning in the University, the results of the study revealed that students are satisfactorily ready to engage in virtual learning while instructors are highly capable of using the VLE as a teaching tool. The course content was assessed as an excellent VLE course and that it is highly acceptable as an online course material. In terms of usability, the VLE site complied satisfactorily on the usability issues encountered and that students were positive regarding its usability and support to learning. Also, the test of the gain score (posttest-pretest) indicates a significant variation between the two treatment groups which implies that the use of VLE is a significant factor in increasing the performance of the students. This further implies that the proposed VLE is a timely contribution to enhance and support the teaching and learning practices in the University by introducing a sustainable, effective technological and pedagogical virtual learning environment for students and instructors as well.