Title: A Novel Approach to Logic-based Sequential Cover Strategy

Year of Publication: 2015
Page Numbers: 48-53
Authors: Sirzat Kahramanli
Conference Name: The International Technology Management Conference (ITMC2015)
- Turkey


Logic minimization is used for solving many problems such as design of logic circuits in logic synthesis and attribute reduction, rule induction and query optimization in information systems. Since exact logic minimization is a NP- hard problem, usually logic minimization problems are solved by the heuristics approaches among which the most frequently used one is the sequential covering strategy. In our opinion, the most efficient approach to realization of this strategy is the reduced off-set based-direct cover minimization developed for logic synthesis. But this approach works in the search space of size 4n that makes the minimization process very complex. We show that this problem may be reduced in a large scale by reducing the search space from 4n to 2n. But this causes to generating the results in an incompletely specified form. We show that this problem may be solved by a simple rule.