Year of Publication: 2013
Page Numbers: 163-172
Authors: H. Elkamchouchi, Fatma Ahmed
Conference Name: The Second International Conference on e-Technologies and Networks for Development (ICeND2013)
- Malaysia


Nowadays, cryptography plays a major role in protecting the information of technology applications. This paper gives a new symmetric cryptosystem having a key dependent operation, enhanced by a rotor with controlled user identification ID and user key. The plaintext block is divided into basic Gaussian subblocks each of thirty-two bits in length. The new Proposal uses optimal MDS matrix. The new Proposal can encrypt blocks of plaintext of length 512 bits into blocks of the same length. Also the key length is 512 bits. The total number of rounds is sixteen rounds. It uses 216 modulo addition and thirty-two bits XORING followed by modulo 216 + 1 multiplication. The secret key is encrypted using the optimal MDS matrix to avoid any weakness points in the user key. We also try to get the minimum correlation between plaintext and ciphertext, highly avalanche effect and defeat the frequency analysis and most well-known attacks. The proposed algorithm is compared with the well known AES and IDEA symmetric systems and it gives excellent results from the point of view of the security characteristics and the statistics of the ciphertext. Also, we apply the randomness tests to the proposed algorithm and the results shown that the new design passes all tests which proven its security.