Title: A Method to Evaluate Accumulated Stress Using Nail Image

Year of Publication: Aug - 2019
Page Numbers: 12-17
Authors: Yurika Fujii, Shin-ichi Ito, Momoyo Ito, Minoru Fukumi
Conference Name: The Fifth International Conference on Electronics and Software Science (ICESS2019)
- Japan


In this paper, we propose a method to evaluate accumulated stress by extraction the height of the lunula of the nail from a nail image. The proposed method consists of three stages: measurement, preprocessing, and stress evaluation. In the measurement, we take a nail image. In the preprocessing, we extract the height of the lunula of the nail. Then, we carry out edge detection using a hue histogram in a rectangle. In the stress evaluation, we evaluate accumulated stress at 0 to 1 using fuzzy reasoning. In order to show the effectiveness of the proposed method, we conducted experiments. These results suggested that the difference between the minimum and maximum values of the height of the lunula while the experiment might be able to determine the presence or absence of accumulated stress.