Title: A Game Theory Based Approach to the Generation of Optimal DDoS Defending Strategy

Year of Publication: March - 2014
Page Numbers: 14-20
Authors: Liang Huang, Dengguo Feng, Yifeng Lian, Yingjun Zhang, Yuling Liu
Conference Name: The International Conference on Computer Security and Digital Investigation (ComSec2014)
- Malaysia


With the growing threat of DDoS attacks, new attack-ing mechanisms emerge every day. In order to confront the ever-evolving DDoS attacks, it is insufficient to select defending strategy merely from existing strategy set. In this paper, we propose a method that generates new defending strategies and that selects the optimal one among them, thus increasing the defending ability. The Game Model for DDoS Countermeasure Selection is established to model the DDoS scenario that consid-ers the attacker and the defender as two players in the game. Then the new defending strategies are generated and are included in the defending strategy set. Next, the Nash equilibrium is calculated to indicate the opti-mal defending strategy. The experiments, which is performed with the network simulator, show the effec-tiveness of our method.