Title: A Design of a Robot Application Using the RoboRealm Software Package

Year of Publication: Dec - 2020
Page Numbers: 17-22
Authors: Primoz Podrzaj, Domen Ceglar
Conference Name: The Sixth International Conference on Electronics and Software Science (ICESS2020)
- Japan


The paper presents a typical setup needed for machine-vision-based industrial applications of a robotic manipulator. Several components and different programs need to operate in accordance to accomplish the desired task. In this paper the main emphasis is given on the description of a RoboRealm software, which can be used to conveniently execute various machine vision algorithms. Several algorithms, which are implemented as procedures or modules within the program, are presented together with the result they have on an input image. As a consequence this paper can be of great use to anyone, who is trying to develop a complex industrial application of this type, but lacks sufficient knowledge in machine vision to write a special purpose program in some common computer language such as C++, C# or Python.