Title: A Comparative Analysis on the effect to the Research Productivity: A Manual System versus ICT Use without Training

Year of Publication: Jun - 2015
Page Numbers: 7-13
Authors: Sujit Kumar Basak, Desmond Wesley Govender, Hari Lall Garbharran
Conference Name: The Third International Conference on Digital Information Processing, E-Business and Cloud Computing (DIPECC2015)
- Mauritius


This paper is based on a comparative analysis of a manual system versus ICT use without training and its effect on research productivity. The aim of this study was achieved by comparing models. This study was experimental based and the target population was taken from a university. Collected data was analyzed using the WarpPLS 4.0 software. The results of the study show that SPSS, Turnitin and NVivo for data analysis have high significance values on the research productivity than a manual system. On the other hand, AMOS, EndNote and NVivo for literature review have higher significance on the research productivity than ICT use without training.