Title: A Chaotic Communication System Based on Generalized Synchronization

Year of Publication: March - 2016
Page Numbers: 5-10
Authors: Mikhail Prokhorov, Vladimir Ponomarenko
Conference Name: The International Conference on Digital Information Processing, Electronics, and Wireless Communications (DIPEWC2016)
- United Arab Emirates


We develop a chaotic communication system based on employment of the regime of generalized synchronization between the transmitter and receiver. For detecting the generalized synchronization of the drive and response systems in the communication scheme a new method is proposed. In contrast to the auxiliary system approach, our method exploits only one response system which is driven in turn by the signal from the drive system and delayed copy of this signal. It is shown that the proposed communication scheme possesses very high tolerance to noise in a communication channel. We show the efficiency of our system in both the numerical simulation and physical experiment.