Title: A Case Study of Accepting an International Student from Turkey to Japan

Year of Publication: Aug - 2019
Page Numbers: 7-15
Authors: Yuri Machihara, Yoshiro Imai, Peter Lutes, Lrong Lim, Masaaki Tokuda
Conference Name: The 8th International Conference on Informatics and Applications (ICIA2019)
- Japan


This case study focuses on the establishment of a new cooperative effort to accept a student enrolled at Middle East Technical University, Turkey who was nominated to Kagawa University, Japan under the Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility Program. At the time the student was nominated, Kagawa University did not have a suitable program in which to accept the student, but arrangements were made to be able to host the student. From this particular case, demands for inbound programs for international students became clear including the needs for the flexibility of arranging existing programs, the ability of providing content in English, the strong consideration towards student satisfaction, and the utilization of the Internet resources to share information. Close cooperation from the stakeholders was the key to the success of the initiative.