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Latest Articles

  • Anti-Forensics: A Practitioner Perspective

    With the increase in cybercrime, digital evidence is becoming an integral part of the judicial system. Digital evidence is to be found everywhere from computers, to mobile phones, ATMs and ...
    Authors: Jean-Paul Van Belle, Richard de Beer, Adrie Stander
    Year of Publication: 2015 | 390-403 | IJCSDF | Vol. 4 No. 2
  • Experimental Validation of DTMF Decoder Electronic Circuit to be Used for Remote Controlling of an Agricultural Pump System

    This work investigates the implementation and experimental analysis of practical DTMF decoder electronic circuit that can be used for remote controlling of agricultural pump system or other ...
    Authors: Hussain A. Attia, Beza Negash Getu, Nasser Hamad
    Year of Publication: Jan. 2015 | 52-57 |
  • Covert Channel using the IP Timestamp Option of an IPv4 Packet

    The TCP/IP protocol suite is known to be lacking security in many aspects, which may allow an attacker to leverage them using some techniques in the form of covert communications. Secret messages ...
    Authors: Hassan Alsaffar, Daryl Johnson
    Year of Publication: Jan. 2015 | 48-51 |
  • Secured IPsec Multicast Architecture Based on Quantum Key Distribution

    Multicasting reveals to the delivery of a message or information from one source to multiple recipients simultaneously through a single transmission channel. Securing the transmitted multicast ...
    Authors: Ahmed Farouk, Fatma Omara, Magdi Zakria, Adel Megahed
    Year of Publication: Jan. 2015 | 38-47 |
  • Dynamic Thresholding Scheme for Fingerprint Recognition System

    This paper proposes dynamic thresholding scheme for fingerprint identification. As a user authentication method by fingerprint recognition technology, verification method based on 1:1 matching was ...
    Authors: Young-Jin Go, Buhm Lee, Joong Jo Park, Soon-Won Jung, Kyoung-Min Kim
    Year of Publication: Jan. 2015 | 32-37 |