Towards Realizing My-Health Nationwide System: A Proposal on Health Information Exchange (HIE)
by: Prof. Miss Laiha Mat Kiah

A nationwide E‐ Health or Telemedicine is still in its infancy state in Malaysia. Despite efforts had been made since 1997, the deployment remains very slow due to various reasons. In 2007, an Integrated Health Enterprise (IHE) framework was introduced by Ministry of Health (MoH) in which any vendors or healthcare service providers that had developed data sharing solutions tested the compliance of their solutions based on HL7 standard. Further, Malaysian HIE (Health Information Exchange), known as MyHIX project was initiated to develop an engine for successful integration for sharing patient discharge summaries among the healthcare centres. Since 2012, the project has been placed under the national research and development center of Malaysia with still in progress status.
Nevertheless, the nation need to be ready to embark on this journey sooner or later, otherwise we will be left far behind in this modern age of digital technology. This talk presents an alternative approach to provide a solution for exchanging patients’ information. We will look at a distributed framework in which health data in a form of mobile Personal Health Records (mPHRs) are carried by patients themselves typically via smartphones. The individual mPHR system is capable of interconnecting securely with the healthcare systems through a suitable interface to ensure the interoperability with the patients’ smartphones. This proposed solution voids the cost of implementing a single global network connecting multiple or all healthcare systems, and the idea of mPHRs would be an advantage for any smartphone users.