Due to the improvement in the accuracy of voice recognition systems, there has been an increased application of speech recognition into different areas of human endeavor. Applications have been very extensive in such areas as voice recognition security - authentication, learning new language and pronunciation, as well as immediate response provider at contact center operations. One all-inclusive application that has gained recognition is the interactive voice response. The bottom-line of adopting this technology is to enhance operation, security and for profitability.

Intelligent speech recognition system have been utilized to track & process incoming customer calls and filter accordingly. It is able to filter based on differential accents thereby freeing up human agents to focus more challenging calls. Other functions include intelligent call steering (ICS) where auto recognized calls are directed to the right department thereby removing outdated interactive voice response (IVR) menus and help in replacing complicated push button IVR and automated call handling systems. ICS rather than use push buttons process words information from customers to channel them to the appropriate resource to resolve their requests. Especially in peak periods, speech processing systems are utilized to automatically resolve or direct calls to the right response depending on the nature of requests.

Another very useful application of Natural Language Speech Recognition (NLSR) is the automated identification targeted at authenticating customers' identity by processing their phone conversations using 'risky' personal data to prevent identity fraud using voice biometrics employed in combating telephone-based crime.


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