Machine Type Communications (MTC) in 5G: Challenges, Algorthmic Design and Performance Analysis

Prof. Mohamad Assaad

Wireless communications are fast evolving in order to meet the emergence of new domains in the market of the wireless communications, such as social behavior and cognitive sciences. The next generation of cellular networks (5G) is expected to support 1000-fold increases in traffic demand and to tackle the challenge of connecting billions of devices with heterogeneous service requirements. This necessitates drastic changes in the network paradigm in addition to a large array of disruptive innovations at both physical and networking layers. This talk will provide an overview of the recent advances in this area with a main focus on the technologies required to support the demands of a high number of connected MTC devices with low data capacity and latency-sensitivity requirements. Intuitive understanding of recent research results and identification of some open problems will be also presented.