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Special Session on:

Relationality Design and Relationality-oriented Systems

Prof. Katsunori Shimohara, Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Doshisha University, Japan

Aim and Scope:

This special session focuses on the relationality design and relationality-oriented systems, where human, ‘Mono’ and ‘Koto’ are interdependent and function together, and relationships among them enable to dynamically change its functionality and behavior. The concept of relationality here denotes interactions through which two entities mutually influence each other, linkage over time and space, and context as a result of accumulated interactions and linkage. ‘Mono’ in Japanese denotes tangible and physically perceived thing/entity, while ‘Koto’ denotes intangible and cognitively conceived thing/entity. The aims of relationality design and relationality-oriented systems are to devise methodologies to create and facilitate such systems, and to pursue social information infrastructure where people can feel mental affluence and linkage with other people. Especially we focus on complex systems with emergent mechanisms. In other words, we are aiming at understanding the significance and functions of such complex systems from a viewpoint of relationality.

Important Dates:

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