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Travel Information

How to reach conference location:

Lodz University of Technology, Lodz, Poland
Stefana Żeromskiego 116, Łódź, Poland

The nearest Airport going to the university is only:

Lodz Lublinek Airport
Address: gen. Stanisława Maczka 35, Łódź, Poland

When you will arrive from airport listed above, you can ride a taxi going to the university. Tell the taxi driver for the address and he will take you there. You can order a taxi from the airport to Lodz (cost 80 Euro) by visiting or send email to them to arturgranosik [at] gmail [dot] com.

Get Directions :

FROM (Airport Location): Lodz Lublinek Airport, gen. Stanisława Maczka 35, Łódź, Polska
TO(University Location): Stefana Żeromskiego 116, Łódź, Poland

By Car:

Suggested Routes:

Route Name Distance Duration
Obywatelska and Aleja Politechniki 6.3 km 12 mins
Obywatelska 6.4 km 12 mins
Maratońska 6.1 km 13 mins

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