The registration fees cover 2 lunches and one local tour.

Registration (with CD proceedings) $ 550.00
Registration (with CD proceedings only) provided that you have a link on your homepage to SDIWC( $ 540.00
Second Paper (or more) with CD proceedings $ 340.00
Accompanying person or co-author with no Kit $ 180.00
Guest with conference kit (kit, meals, tour) $ 350.00

The registration fees cover 2-3 lunches/dinner and one local tour. However, it does not include lodging/accommodations or transportation. Researchers can cancel their registration provided that they inform the conference two months before the conference and will be refunded with their registration processing fee of 100 Euro. All payments are done online through our online payment gateway. Please use a credit card. Debit cards are not accepted. The accepted orders are via Visa, MasterCard, American express, PayPal, and Discovery.

If you have problems with your registration, please e-mail us at ctisrm17 [at] sdiwc [dot] net.
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